European virtues of racism.

The Saviour is the European virtues of valiance, honour, pride, respect, chivalry and loyalty etc of the virtuous ism of racism, and this is because racism is never egotistical or about one, oneself or about attaining nirvana for oneself. Racism is altruistic in that it is about the salvation of your entire race of one billion white peoples around the world from miscegenation and anti-racism etc. Racism is the Saviour because it is never about misogynistic One Lord God Almighty of Israel, unless you mean to sort Him out eternally like the Nazis. Remember, there is no one! There is only female and male, half and half or 50/50. Racism is about 0 and ∞ which are both impossible. You do not have to be a soldier to be valiant, all men can be valiant. Valiance is all that I am. All men desire most to be the Saviour, not a Casanova lover. Therefore, all men should have European virtues and the virtuous ism (racism). Loving and saving white women is better than nirvana. All non-European people should be taught that Europeans have European virtues before they come to Europe as tourists or to work as chefs etc. You’re welcome! As long as non-Europeans understand that Europeans have European virtues, Europeans can probably be imperial, colonial and gold mine in Africa for example.

European virtues of the virtuous ism (racism).

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