Welcome Goddesses and Gods! What the Nazis did not understand is that it is not Semitism that is the problem, it is the Jewish God called Yahweh who wants monotheistic miscegenation (MM) and who is monotheistic male misogyny (MMM) and Roman Catholicism, the daughter of Judaism is medieval monotheistic male misogyny (MMMM). Therefore, it is not anti-Semitism that we need, it is anti-Yahwehism. Anti-Yahwehism is anti-monotheistic-male-misogyny or anti-MMM. Therefore, because Yahweh is the misogynistic God, it is anti-Yahwehism or anti-MMM which every European Goddess and God (woman and man) rightly has the right and honour to possess. Therefore, it is time that we casted off our shackles and fetters and stopped bowing, prostrating, praying, worshiping and being slavish, servile and enslaved mere mortal human beings. With zero fundamental religion (ZFR) of Ismless + ism and 0 and ∞ there are three levels or names of Goddesses and Gods. At the top there is never one and Ineffable and Literally Universal Deities (ILUDS) are never one. If you are female you are one of many Ineffable and Literally Nothing Goddesses (ILNGS) and if you are male you are one of many Literally Infinite Gods (ILIGS). Together ILNGS and ILIGS are ILUDS and ILUDS are never one. There is no monotheism.

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